Our app

Our app provides both safety and peace of mind. Safety while your child texts with an Android phone and peace of mind for you, who values human interactions and positive education.

  1. BullyGuard scans text messages in real time, while respecting your family’s privacy.
    Because text messaging is the main online channel where cyberbullying occurs*, our technology directly addresses this issue. Once activated, our app scans text messages your child shares with friends, without intruding on his/her privacy. If certain types of words are being used, the BullyGuard app sends you an email, so that you can discuss the matter with your child.
  2. Our app sends email notification only when it counts, to spare you hours of monitoring.
    Most phone monitoring apps copy all conversations and make them available to you. You then have to scroll through every text message sent every day to make sure your children are safe. At BullyGuard, we save you valuable time by being proactive whenever a concern arises that needs your attention.
  3. Learn when new chat applications are installed
    BullyGuard will advice you when a chat app from a list of 50+ application is installed on the phone - and advice you if any of those are rated 17+ (Mature)
  4. Be alerted when the BullyGuard app is disabled to better know what’s going on with your child.
    We encourage parents to talk freely with their children about BullyGuard, so they understand that it works as a safety net for them. As an additional safety measure, the app will notify you if it’s taken off line.
  5. Our app includes a heartbeat feature to locate your child’s phone if needed.
    If the phone is GPS enabled, the BullyGuard app also has a location feature to help you see where your children are, even if they don’t answer the phone.