How It Works

Download our app for free on the Google Play store.

To activate the app, you’ll need to create an account first (see below) and choose a price plan. Select either a monthly or yearly plan, according to your needs. And for a limited period of time, get even more for your money with one of our promotional plans.

New features

  • Application Installation alerts


How It Works

BullyGuard is designed to facilitate strategic, real-time communication between parent and child to identify cyberbullying behaviour.

  • Through our new and innovative technology, BullyGuard monitors both sent and received text messages on a mobile device for pre-determined keywords, phrases, and threats.

  • Pending a potential threat, an immediate threat assessment will be sent to the parent or guardian via email.

  • BullyGuard saves no information - your child’s privacy is preserved while notifying parents only of the triggered word or phrase. The conversation and context of the alert exists only on the original device.

  • BullyGuard activity monitors the device to tell parents if the application has been disabled. 
If GPS data is available, information on where the device was last active is provided.

  • BullyGuard keeps you informed and will send an email alert if one of more than 50 chat applications is installed. The email alert includes information when the installed application is rated 17+ (mature.)

Setting Up BullyGuard

Google Play - Android Devices

  1. Search for “BullyGuard” on Google Play. Click the Install button.

  2. Once installed, open BullyGuardâ„¢ and follow the steps to create a new BullyGuardâ„¢ account (or login to your existing account).

  3. After you have set up your account, you will be prompted to purchase a subscription. Follow the prompts and use your PayPal account or credit card.

  4. Login to the app on your child's device using the username and password you set up. The app will show “Protecting!” on the main BullyGuard™ operation screen.

  5. Exit the program by hitting your "home" or "back" button – As long as you're signed in, BullyGuard™ will continue to run in the background, and you will see the BullyGuard™ shield alert on your child's device.


  • iOS compatibility

  • Custom keyword monitoring

  • Monitoring of additional chat applications