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You’ll find answers to common questions about our app, as well as useful links to resources in both the US and Canada.

How do I set up BullyGuard on an additional device?

Follow the set-up steps on the new device. Once you log onto your existing account, the new device will automatically become linked to your account.

How many devices can I monitor with my BullyGuard™ account?

A BullyGuard™ account ($3.99 per month or $39.99 per year) can monitor up to two (2) devices*.
*This has been expanded to four (4) devices during the beta period.

How am I alerted when BullyGuard™ notices a threat?

If BullyGuard™ detects a keyword or phrase in a text messaging sent or received by your child's device, an email alert will be sent to the email you provided with your BullyGuard™ account. Remember to add BullyGuard to your list of contact to prevent email going to spam.
Additionally, if BullyGuard™ is deactivated (or if the device experiences a connection interruption), a "Heartbeat" alert is generated and emailed to your account as well.

You can review all of your alerts by logging onto your account at https://www.bullyguard.com/user.

What is the Heartbeat feature, and how does this protect my child?

BullyGuard™ includes a Heartbeat feature, which sends a BullyGuard™ Alert to the account holder in the event that the BullyGuard™ Program is deactivated or the phone is turned off.

This type of alert includes the last known GPS location of the device. This feature is designed to not only notify a parent should the child attempt to deactivate BullyGuard™, but to let the parent know where the child (and the device) is located when this happened.

What do I do when I receive a BullyGuard™ Alert?

When a BullyGuard™ Alert is received, the category of the keyword or phrase that triggered the alert is presented, along with where and when the message was received by (or sent out from) the monitored device.

You will need to investigate the conversation to learn the context of the keyword or phrase, as this information is not stored by BullyGuard™. From this point, you, as the parent, may choose the necessary action to take.

I've reviewed the subject of the BullyGuard™ Alert, and I feel that the situation requires far more than a discussion. What do I do?

The majority of Alerts generated by BullyGuard™ are minor situations that are easily resolved by communication between child and parent. There are times, however, that the situation is more serious and requires intervention from social or police services.

Contact your local health authorities or police services, or see below:

In Canada


I don't want the BullyGuard™ Alert emails coming to my main Inbox. What can I do?

Most email programs have the ability to create a filing rule for any emails coming in. This means you could create a separate file folder and a rule that any emails received from webmaster@bullyguard.com must be filed in this specific folder. However, if you choose to do this, be sure to regularly review the new alerts.
Email us at updates@bullyguard.com if you need help!

I want my spouse or an alternate adult to receive the BullyGuard™ Alerts at the same time I do. How do I make this happen?

Currently, BullyGuard™ only sends alerts to a single email address, as established by the account holder. However you will be able to set up multiple emails soon!

If you wish for these same alerts to be received by a second (or more) email address in the meantime, the best way to do this is to review your email interface
(Gmail, Outlook, etc.) and automatically forward emails from webmaster@bullyguard.com.

I've noticed a phrase or word in my child's online correspondence that I think should be added to the BullyGuard™ database. What do I do?

While our system monitors hundreds of words and phrases, new ones are constantly on the rise. We would appreciate your help in making our system even better by emailing us at info@bullyguard.com.

I have an idea for a feature I'd like to see as part of BullyGuard™.

As above, we would appreciate any suggestions on how we can make BullyGuard better for you and your family. Please email us at info@bullyguard.com.